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Equine Whispers are specialists in Treeless and Flexible Saddles and related equestrian products, we have over 15+ years experience working with various Treeless saddle designs and manufacturers. We aim to keep our prices competitive and offer you great value for money without compromising on excellent customer care.

We are Authorised Distributors for Ghost Treeless Saddles and Trekker Treeless & Flexible Saddles

Please contact us for inforamtion, help, advice and ordering of any of our products, we are a small family run business who takes pride in offering great customer service and care.

**Please note that some of our prices will fluctuate at any given time due to the changes in exchange rates - our prices are set by our Manufacturers who are based in the EU.** 




Latest Products

Bizzy Bites Toy

Bizzy Bites Toy

£35.00 £31.00


Trekker Ibero  - Treeless Saddle

Trekker Ibero - Treeless Saddle

£1,200.00 £1,035.00


Trekker Pony Talent

Trekker Pony Talent

£495.00 £465.00



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