• Neoprene Banana/Moon Shaped Dressage Girth

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Neoprene Banana/Moon Shaped Dressage Girth

A banana/moon shaped girth is useful for horses with strong, far back reaching shoulders, round belly line and/or a forward girth groove. With this build of horse, when a saddle is placed in its correct position behind the shoulders a straight girth may end up in the round surface of the belly, slipping forward and causing the saddle to slip. Really great for use with treeless saddles as it alows for the saddle to sit behind the shoulder and the girth in the more forward girth groove. 

This banana shape is comfortable for any horse and because of the even contact it helps prevent pressure points, the girth is curved to match the natural contour of the horse.

Made from soft Neoprene with elasticated ends and stainless steel fittings.

Black 20", 24", 28"


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